Tips on organizing your jewelry

Tips on organizing your jewelry

Are you someone who wears jewelry quite regularly? Do you have so many, that you tend to forget about some of them? Do you often find that your jewelry has gotten unusable during their period of “getting lost” from where ever you left them? Have you been looking for organizing tips and solutions for your trinkets?

If the above questions definitely caught your attention, and got a “yes!” from you, then perhaps we might be able to help you out. Here are our tips on the best ways to organize jewelry, so they don’t end up cluttering your space…


The removals box

If your side tables and vanity is cluttered with jewelry, then no doubt you are in the habit of tossing used jewelry on to it once you’re done with them. Apart from gathering dust (and rusting, in the case of fashion jewelry) and tangling up (and therefore, taking up your time when you’re in a rush); they also tend to give your whole room an untidy feel. The best solution here would be to allocate a specific place for each piece of jewelry, and see that you put it there once you’re done using it. If that’s a little difficult, opt for placing a “removals” box on where ever you frequently take off your jewelry. Make sure to empty this box as often as possible.

The everyday box

If you are in a habit of wearing jewelry to work, or if you only wear a few selected jewelry on your routinely days, then placing them in a separate jewelry box can be convenient. Not only will you be able to find them even on hectic mornings, you can also tuck away the rest of your jewelry so that your room doesn’t appear cluttered. For this purpose, jewelry stands (we particularly like the “tree” variety), or jewelry boxes that have compartments work best. If you don’t wear much jewelry, then even a “weekly pill box” can work for you.

The special occasions box

Just like everyday jewelry, we know that most of us have special occasion jewelry too. It may be our most precious pieces, or the most treasured ones. It may even be something as simple as a delicate fashion jewelry. These cannot be worn for every occasion; it’s just not practical. Instead of having these too crammed in with the rest of your jewelry, opt to store them separately. Make sure to use a box or case that’s dust and water proof. And as you are not going to be using these for a while, before storing it away, take a few minutes to wipe it down and wrap it in a little tissue paper. Trust us, it’s not a waste of your time.