Tips on gifting yourself meaningful jewelry

Tips on gifting yourself meaningful jewelry

Have you ever come upon a situation where you thought to yourself “I deserve to buy myself a gift for this!”? It might be when you reached or achieved a certain goal, or even when you faced and got over a particularly gruesome problem. If you have, then you know what we are talking about. What did you buy yourself that time around? Did you ever consider buying yourself jewelry? If you hadn’t, you should! Here are our tips on buying meaningful jewelry for the most important person in your life; yourself.


Forget the fashion jewelry

Sure, we love fashion jewelry as much as the next person. If paired creatively, it adds a definite charm and edge to outfits. It also gives a statement, or blends into your identity. But certain occasions call for more than that. Choose instead to opt for a more, long lasting metal; like sterling silver or gold. You can certainly choose the percentage of silver or gold you want in it; making it more affordable. This is especially true in the case of jewelry made from gold. And with the proper care, these types of jewelry last for longer, and can therefore be a better investment.

Choose the stones and gems with care

The metal alone will not make your special gift to yourself memorable. Things like gemstones, not only makes it prettier, it also adds to its value. Now, it’s up to you to decide if it’s an occasion to buy yourself diamonds. Some say that diamonds are more appealing when it comes in the form of gifts; and in the case of a “self-gift”, this is true very true. Apart from this, birthstones too can make your jewelry come alive and feel like it’s made especially for you. Also, some gemstones and natural beads have certain healing properties. Adding a stone or bead that promotes health, or even calming effects (on the wearer) to your jewelry is also a great way to add to the “specialness” of your gift to yourself.

Customize it to suit the occasion

Buying a piece of jewelry that spells out your name or has your initials certainly makes it feel more like yours. But if the gift that you buy for yourself evokes a certain memory, or serves to work as a reminder of this special occasion, then this will make it automatically more special. Charms are a great way to do so. If your memory can be “symbolized”, then “convert” it into a charm to add to your bracelet. If this bracelet marks only the first mile stone celebration of a long line of accomplishments to come, leave space in your bracelet so you can add more charms to it as you achieve them! This might also serve as a reminder for you to work harder in your moments of weaknesses…