Innovative ways to accessorize your outfits through the jewelry you wear

Innovative ways to accessorize your outfits through the jewelry you wear

We’ve heard that accessorizing your clothing with jewelry requires a certain skill. While we are not overly sure about that, we can definitely say that it does require you to use a little of your creativity and imagination. With the right use, jewelry can not only emphasize and showcase your outfits better; it can also embed it and make it memorable to all those who observe it. It’s also a great way to shine; or separate yourself from the herds. If you’ve always worn your jewelry a particular way, or are tired of the way you wear it now; then perhaps it’s time for a little change. Here are our top tips on how to accessorize your outfits through your jewelry.


Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Be bold with your choices. Take a good look at the jewelry you habitually wear or buy. Do they all fit neatly into one category? Then it’s time to mix it up! For the simple, clean cut outfits (like those that most people wear for professional and work settings), opt for wearing bold jewelry. Something that can be easily spotted, or with a complicated design. For work, we advise that you keep the colors scheme in low profile, and not opt for the “screaming” pieces. Likewise, for those outfits you’d usually categorize as “tomboyish”, wearing cute and elegant jewelry can make you appear interesting and different.  Even a simple open-collar shirt and skinny jeans outfit can be transformed into a chic outfit with a few well-chosen pieces of elegant jewelry.

The color game

Just like the color of your outfit plays a big part in making you look nice, so does the color of the jewelry have a part in making your outfit look nice. So it’s vital that you choose and pair the colors well. Complementary colors are a sure bet; and can easily help you bring out the beauty of your outfit. But sometimes, contrasting colors can be better. Especially if you’re trying to be special and not be one in the crowd. Go for colors that people usually don’t think of; like sunshine yellow and grey or peach and mint green. They are both such contrasting colors, yet amazingly look good when paired together.

Opt for the unusual pieces and places

It’s very easy to fall in love with a certain kind of jewelry and stick only to it. We know necklaces and bracelets particularly are famed for doing so. If your friends and family are used to seeing you only wearing bracelets, then no matter how pretty your bracelet us, chances are that they might not give it more than a passing glance. But instead, if you opt to wear something like a shoulder blade chains or arm bands, or even slave bracelets; you’ll be able to make an impression much easier.