How to take care of your fashion jewelry?

Long gone are the days when jewelry of any kind was specifically for a particular gender. Now-a-days; regardless to where you live and who you are, you can let your creativity out and accessorize your attire with jewelry. But taking care of it takes some effort; and a little fore thinking. This is particularly true when it comes to costume/fashion jewelry. Here are few of our experts’ methods that work best for taking care of costume jewelry.


Often told, yet rarely done

This is a tip that is often mentioned; but rarely followed. Wipe down your jewelry, regardless to whether it’s fashion jewelry or not, after every use. Use a clean, soft, lint free cloth for this purpose. A jewelry polishing cloth or a microfiber cloth will be perfect for this. But if you can’t find them, even an ordinary facial tissue (unperfumed, of course!) will work well here too.

The money saving tip

Once you’ve taken your jewelry off after a long day of wearing it, most people tend to toss it on their side tables or vanities. And then forget about it until they decide to unclutter their space. This results in it collecting dust, getting tangled (in the case of fine chains and bracelets), and even getting permanently damaged. Allocate a definite space of storage for each piece. Once you’ve wiped it down, take a few minutes to put it away. A jewelry box with compartments works best for this purpose, in our humble opinion. Wrapping each piece in tissue paper also helps it further.

Protect it from sweat…

If you live in a country that has very hot and or humid summers, then it’s best to try and avoid wearing costume jewelry during this period; as sweat plays a big role in tarnishing it. This is particularly true for necklaces or chains. Remove your jewelry while you exercise or perform any activity that you know for sure will make you sweat. Even cooking and handling hot appliances fall into this category. Have a small “temporary” jewelry box in your kitchen for this purpose.

…and from perfume

Like sweat, perfume too damages your fashion jewelry; even without you noticing. Most people like to spritz a little perfume on themselves, just before heading out. This inevitably will result in them spraying over their jewelry as well. The chemicals in the perfume will wear off the jewelry’s coating; making it dull or helping it rust faster. Be sure to take off your jewelry before you spray your perfume (or deo spray and even lotions!). This rule also applies for precious metals.