How to select jewelry for a gift?

How to select jewelry for a gift?

Gift shopping can be tedious; especially if you don’t have even the foggiest idea on what to buy. Unlike other shopping, you’re not walking into shops with a mental list of things…nor are you simply browsing until something catches your eye. Here, you have to think about the gift receiver’s likes and dislikes too. Presenting someone with jewelry as a gift can feel easier, as you have many choices for any gender. But what kind of jewelry? This question usually sets in once you get to the jewelers. Here are a few things to consider when going jewelry shopping for a gift.


Delicate VS sturdy

When thinking about this, you need to think about the gift receiver’s preferences as well as who and what they are. A delicately designed bracelet or ring for a person who works a lot with their hands might not be a good idea; as there’s a big possibility that they might accidently damage it pretty soon. Likewise, a bulky design on someone who has a small frame (or small fingers or wrists) might end up looking funny.

The choice of metal

This can make a big difference in the price, so you need to think this through properly. If this is just an acquaintance, or someone you barely know, then fashion jewelry will do quite well. It still looks pretty, even if it’s not as precious as gold or sterling silver. Compared to gold, sterling silver is quite affordable; making it the perfect choice for a close friend or family member. Gold, on the other hand, can get quite pricy; so, we hope you really like the gift receiver!

To stone? Or not to stone?

Be it gold or silver, or even fashion jewelry; the addition of stones and beads certainly adds to its charm. You have natural beads, semi-precious gems, and precious gem stones (and a lot in) between to choose from. Diamonds are certainly a popular choice; but can be quite expensive and also an inappropriate choice sometimes. If you know the gift receiver’s birthday, consider getting them jewelry that has their birth stone incorporated in it. Remember that some stones have healing properties too…

Getting it customized

Customizing the piece of jewelry you buy will definitely make it more special to the gift receiver. Most people think this just means stamping the gift receiver’s initials (or name) somewhere on to the jewelry. While you can certainly do that, and it will be appreciated, you can opt for other options too. If you have a special memory with the gift receiver that can be evoked through a symbol, then consider getting that symbol incorporated to your gift jewelry through charms.

NOTE: custom jewelry can get a little expensive, depending on the seller/designer. It’s always best to discuss the price beforehand.